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Gain a better understanding of your customers and drive your brand strategy with ZALORA's trade data and access to insights derived from the region's largest highly-qualified, fashion-focused, purchase-intent audience, part of Data by GFG (DbG).

What Is It

What Is It

TRENDER Basic, a Data by GFG (DbG) Product, is a dashboard that provides brand partners with access to high-level product, competitor and customer insights for selected categories in all country markets. Here, suppliers will better understand their category consumers, and be better equipped for future seasons' demands by knowing what types of products customers are looking for.



ZALORA, with its team of in-house fashion experts, introduces TRENDER, helping fashion brands understand who their customers are, how they behave and what they are looking for.

TRENDER opens up a new world of possibilities, enabling brands to fully capitalise on ZALORA’s trade data to drive your brand’s strategy - not just on ZALORA, but across all sales channels (both online and offline) from design to delivery. Knowing who is buying your products helps buyers and marketers streamline their efforts to target the right audience. Knowing what your customers are looking for helps identify gaps in your portfolio so your design team can better prepare for next season’s demand.

Whatever your business needs may be, TRENDER is tailored to align with it, so you can put consumer data into perspective to identify where you are doing well and where you need to improve.

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Who Is It For

TRENDER Basic is for you who seek to optimize sales within the Southeast Asia market by studying category-specific trends.

Key Benefits



Help guide your business according to various product categories and markets.


Provide high-level view of fastest growing markets of a particular category, as well as growing subcategories.



Understand customer's buying behavior and analyze customer portfolio.


Subscription is enabled through ZALORA’s Global Seller Centre - a one-stop solution for all our Marketplace merchants needs

Dashboard Offerings


The Seller Dashboard

Containing interactive data and reports on seller’s sales insights and traffic data, data in the Seller Dashboard can be filtered based on region, category, product, time period, and etc.


The Category Dashboard

Containing detailed data of each category, the Category Dashboard allows sellers to analyse its market, product and customer insights. Data in the Category Dashboard can be filtered based on category, subcategory, region and time period.

TRENDER Empowers Data-Driven Decisions



Market & Category Trends

  • Fastest Growing Markets
  • Bast Performing Categories
  • Top & Trending Subcategories



  • Sales by Price Band
  • Sales by Customer Age Band
  • Sales Against Market Average


Customer Awareness

Customer Awareness

  • New Customer Split (Who are the customers purchasing on ZALORA?)
  • Top Regions (Which regions are my product categories selling best in?)
  • Top & Trending Age Groups (What age groups are trending on ZALORA?)

Product Insights

Product Insights

  • Popular & Trending SKUs (Which products are best-sellers on ZALORA?)
  • Fastest Growing Sizes & Colours (What are best-seller attributes?)
  • Price Band Share (Which price ranges work best with ZALORA’s customers?)

Start your 1-month FREE TRIAL

Sign-up today and get access to the region’s leading industry data right at your fingertips. For a limited time-period ZALORA offers a 1-month trial of TRENDER Standard Subscription to our selected brand partners. Only for you, we have:

  • Completely free for 1 month*
  • Tailored data only for you
  • Access to key product, competitor & customer insights
  • Empower your team with leading industry data right at your fingertips

*Note: Currently, TRENDER Basic is only available for ZALORA sellers.


To find out more about Trender Basic, email us and we will get back to you.




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