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Our sustainable shopping edit plays a key role in ZALORA’s journey to become a more socially and environmentally responsible business.


Earth Edit is ZALORA’s sustainable shopping edit. Being a part of our Earth Edit means that a product is made using at least one material or process that is better for people or the environment than conventional alternatives, or is from a brand that is making contributions to impoverished or vulnerable communities.


What Are The Selection Criteria? 


sustainable materials

Sustainable Materials

This selection includes products made of raw materials with lower environmental impacts than conventional alternatives.


Fashion items incorporate:

  • Recycled fibers such as recycled polyester, nylon, polyamide, lycra, elastane, wool or recycled cotton
  • Natural fibers such as Tencel™, Lyocell, linen, hemp, or jute
  • Organic certified cotton
  • Responsible Wool Standard certified wool
  • Leather Working Group certified leather
  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • Renewed or upcycled materials
  • Alpaca Wool
  • Solvent free or water-based PU
  • Bio-based materials or leather alternatives


Other products are:

  • Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified
  • Responsibly-sourced wood based materials

Eco Production

This selection includes products manufactured through a process with a lower environmental impact and using less harmful chemicals, relying on recognized standards.


Fashion items are:

  • Certified free of harmful materials, holding either an OEKO-TEX® or a Bluesign® certificate
  • Manufactured using water saving technologies
  • Manufactured locally
  • Renewable energy used in production
  • Carbon neutral certified
  • Certified zero waste to landfill


Beauty products are:

  • EU-Ecolabel certified


Other products are:

  • Certified organic (food)
  • Energy efficient item
community engagement

Community Engagement

This includes products made by Brands committed to give back to the planet and to the community.


They are purpose driven businesses:

  • B-Corp® certified
  • Not for Profit organization

Or committed to give back through donations schemes

  • Brand donates 1% or more of its profit to charity
  • Brand makes charity donations associated with purchase

Or the product is made using traditional artisan techniques.

clean beauty

Clean Beauty

This criteria is specifically for beauty products that are intentionally made with ingredients that are organic and safe for the consumer.


  • Made free from harmful ingredients
  • Made with certified organic ingredients
fair production

Fair Production

This selection includes products manufactured or sourced in a location certified for ethical working conditions, relying on recognized standards.


  • Fashion items are FairTrade® certified or produced in conditions certified to fair trade principles
  • Jewellery items are Responsible Jewellery Council certified
pre loved


We aim to drive a circular fashion movement by encouraging our customers to opt for Pre-Loved products. Choosing second-hand is a way to extend the lifespan of fashion items, reduce their overall environmental impact, and contribute to more circular fashion consumption.

animal friendly

Animal Friendly

This selection includes products made using non-animal alternatives or methods associated with animal welfare.


Fashion items are:

  • Made of non-mulesed wool
  • Responsible Down Standard certified
  • Made using vegan materials


Beauty products are:

  • Animal testing free certified
  • Vegan certified
circular by design

Circular by Design

This selection includes products that are made to last with circular design principles and ensure consumers a long product lifespan.


Fashion items are:

  • Made to be adjustable or one-size-fits-all
  • Include features that are repairable or replaceable
  • Made with durable, long-lasting materials


Other items are:

  • An alternative to single-use items such as plastic straws or water bottles
  • Refillable self-care, makeup or cleaning products


As we continuously grow and evolve our list of sustainable criteria, we seek to inspire all our stakeholders to join us in our sustainability journey and a more conscious approach to fashion.

What Are
The Features Available?

  • A dedicated Earth Edit catalogue with filter by sustainable criteria.
  • Shopping category on APP to make conscious shopping easier and more accessible.
  • A clear Earth Edit tag on product catalogue, easily differentiating the range versus the less sustainable products.
  • A detailed explanation of sustainable credentials on each product page to ensure transparency and easy of verification of any sustainability claim.
  • Earth Edit focused recurrent newsletters, on-site campaigns and social media posts to educate customers in sustainable fashion.

How To Join?

We actively choose and support brands who are committed to engaging in the sustainability journey with us, by providing additional visibility through our Earth Edit range - thereby hopefully creating more demand for sustainable products. If you are interested to find out more and join us in this journey, kindly contact us at

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We actively choose and support brands who are committed to engaging in the sustainability journey with us, by providing additional visibility through our Earth Edit range.

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