Mega Events
Mega Events
Mega Events

Make the most out of our shopping events and drive further sales to your business with ZALORA, part of Marketing by GFG (MbG).

Transform Your Customer’s Shopping Experience Into A Memorable One

Transform Your Customer’s Shopping Experience Into A Memorable One

Save the date, and let your business join in on the fun with our large-scale retail events.


How Does It Work


  • By creating awareness and exposure for different categories, sub- categories, brands, or product lines.
  • By forming targeted campaigns to help improve sales of older stocks and slower moving stock which can be summarised with:
  • ​​​​​Base campaigns which run for a full week or a significant numbers of days
  • Flash sales, usually lasting between one to 24 hours
  • Reactive campaigns planned to react to market and customer demand

What To Expect


  • With mega events being the highlight of our campaign period, each campaign runs once every quarter throughout the year.
  • Mega event campaigns generate higher discounts and higher frequency of flash sales.
  • Key Events Observed:
  • ​​​​​Q1 - ZALORA Birthday
  • Q2 - Big Fashion Sale
  • Q3 - Fashion Festival
  • Q4 - 11.11 and 12.12

Did You Know


Double Digit Days

  • Started with the emergence of 11.11, Key sale days now run during 9.9, 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12.
  • Starting from 1.1, campaigns are built around double digit days.


Category Weeks

  • Are created to improve exposure and awareness of the multiple categories onsite.
  • Gives way to site takeover and campaigns formed with category-specific curation and key category brand focus.

As one of the region’s fastest-growing e-commerce players, ZALORA understands the importance of agility and leveraging data to effectively respond to changing consumer behaviours and industry trends, and to further elevate customers' shopping experiences.

Across all campaigns, ZALORA carried out an all-rounded approach leveraging all of its channels, to amplify the exclusive deals for consumers, as well as to reach their diverse audiences across the region

This was done by generating hype with teaser campaigns before the shopping events began to build anticipation amongst consumers, amplifying ZALORA’s campaigns through omni-channel targeting, partnering with key influencers, and driving deeper consumer engagement with giveaways, surprise deals, games, and enabling technology-driven features across the campaign periods.

Join us as a part of our award-winning campaigns!



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Brand Participation



Dependent on brand model (Outright, Consignment or Marketplace).


Cofund campaigns with brands co-funding any discount offered to customers.


ZAP funding to increase onsite placement.

Interested in being a part of our Campaigns? Reach out to your account manager for more information! If you are not yet on ZALORA and are interested in coming onboard with your brand(s), find out more about Selling with ZALORA or register your interest now!


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