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Expand your brand's online presence with E-commerce services that cover the end-to-end management of all your brand's digital channels, a product of Operations by GFG (OpsbG).




With the E-distribution Program, ZALORA aims at becoming the strategic wholesale distributor partner for fashion and lifestyle brands across all online channels in Southeast Asia. The omnichannel strategy we offer will help to extend your brand’s digital outreach across the region, optimising the touchpoints with your customers across multiple platforms and markets.

Brand partners can rely on the extensive operations experience of the network that encompasses all elements of the value chain, encompassing all elements of the value chain, from the entry of a product into the Group's fulfilment centres through to customer aftercare.


Three Main Channels:


In brief, with the E-Distribution Program, ZALORA will support the expansion of your brand’s digital presence through three main channels* for your selection:

  • Setting up and managing official e-stores on the leading marketplaces in the region like Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia etc.
  • Listings your products in popular digital shopping channels like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.
  • Developing your brand local website and managing the end-to-end operations catered to various markets.
*Note: The above services are modular and can be customized accordingly.

E-Distribution Services

ZALORA E-Distribution Program includes services that cover every aspect of the end-to-end digital store operations and products management.


Warehousing and Fulfillment

Warehousing and Fulfilment

Consolidated stock and orders management across all channels, including last mile delivery and returns.

Multi-Platform E-Stores Management

Multi-Platform E-Stores Management

Official stores set-up, product listing and content updates in accordance with brand’s guidelines and requests.

Campaigns, Pricing and Promotions

Campaigns, Pricing and Promotions

Coordinated pricing, campaigns planning / management, and platform specific promotions in-channel and out-channel.


Customer Service

Customer Service

Localized pre and after sale customer support in all platforms / market.

Production and Content Creation

Production and Content Creation

Product shoots and localized content provided. Platform specific tagging and on demand creative assets production.


Benefits of the E-Distribution Program

ZALORA E-Distribution Program offers great benefits for brands that want to grow their digital multichannel reach, while ensuring consistency in branding and customer experience.


Bigger Orders

Less Risk

A wholesale distribution model that minimises the level of stock risk for the brand.

Marketing Alignment

Marketing Alignment

Unique content, images, and campaigns to send the right, consistent message to the right people, at the right time.


Consistent Customer Experience

Provide your customers with the same brand experience and level of service across all channels.


Bigger order

Bigger Orders

Larger orders needed to supply multiple channels allow for better MOQs and wider offer ranges.


Coordinated Pricing

No more value-eroding competitive pricing tactics between platforms, but a centrally-coordinated pricing strategy.


Less Complexity, Less Effort

Managed stores, managed campaigns, and managed operations.





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