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TRENDER Professional

A self-service business intelligence platform, part of Data by GFG (DbG), where brands can draw on ZALORA's extensive data ecosystem & gain insights into transactional, browsing and customer data.

What is it

What Is It

TRENDER Professional, a Data by GFG (DbG) Product, provides a full set of data insights, which draw upon ZALORA’s entire database, complete with interactive dashboards that allow brands to analyse every aspect of their business on ZALORA, based on their selection of customisable modules like …

  • Customer insights
  • Product insights
  • Traffic insights
  • Competitive analysis
  • Live sales and inventory dashboard
    … and many more.



Envisioned with retail intelligence in mind, TRENDER is ZALORA’s latest analytics solution where fashion meets data. Powered by our team of in-house experts, brands can now fully benefit from ZALORA’s trade intel derived from more than 60 million visits per month. As one of the innovators of large-scale e-commerce in the region, ZALORA’s years’ worth of trade provides brands with a holistic view of the evolving retail landscape in Southeast Asia.

With a comprehensive database, we pride ourselves on having the largest number of highly qualified, fashion-focused, and purchase-intent audiences in Southeast Asia, making us perfectly positioned to predict fashion and lifestyle trends than anywhere else within the region. Given the intricacies of today’s retail climate, we believe that it is through such transactional data, businesses can best meet a consumer’s ever-changing needs.

TRENDER Professional is a self-service business intelligence platform where brands can draw on ZALORA’s extensive data ecosystem & gain insights into transactional, browsing and customer data. One can also take advantage of ZALORA’s benchmark data and compare their performance with over 9,000 local and global brands. Brands can upgrade their subscription plan to gain access to more features such as data extraction, API integration, and the ability to fully edit their own dashboard.

Tailormade and customised to suit any retailer, TRENDER also offers performance evaluation alongside an in-depth COVID-19 consumer analysis. In fact, TRENDER released a COVID-19 Sales Dashboard to help subscribed brands understand the shift in the retail trends during these uncertain times. Insights include analysing the shift from mobile to desktop and help track the change in customer’s demand and shopping behaviour pre and post COVID-19, such as increase in sales in nightwear and activewear categories.

By providing more visibility and insight into their products and audience, TRENDER enables brands to drive their businesses strategy, not just on ZALORA, but throughout all sales channels from design to delivery.

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Who Is It For

Brands (Suppliers) who are keen on using data analytics to achieve growth and strategic targets. To effectively assist brands in identifying and meeting their consumers’ needs.

Key Benefits

Empowering brands to make data-driven decisions and drive business strategy by …




Analyze your performance daily, monitor your products sales and inventory.



Know who and where your customers are, access advance customer segmentation.




Curate offering based on customer demands, predict trend in product features like colors and materials.



Tailor your assortment planning, know the latest trending products on the market.


Enjoy an intuitive yet comprehensive overview such as …

  • Compare your data against ZALORA’s market average with “Z-Benchmark” Index.
  • Discover your data with easy filters and clickable views.
  • Stay up to date with updated analysis hourly, daily, and weekly and up to 2 years of data.
  • Export your data report and views in csv, excel, pdf, image or ppt format.
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